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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  September 25, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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country. this is missouri, this is in the middle of the united states senate campaign. can you bee that's where w t's outrageous: after lisa brown was banned from speaking on the floor after
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good evening, americans and welcome to "the ed show" from new york. 42 days until the 2012 election and ght days until t first presidential debate. president obama and millions of americans e calling on billnairneo ri ab rs and bring back the union workers. tonight i'm camming out mitt romney for attacking some other working professionals. this is "the ed ow." let's get to work. >> i think goverr romney and a lize the iss and do a lot of teacher bashing. >> the president goes after mitt romney on education. and right on cue, mitt romney goes after the teachers.
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>> the teachers union has a responsibility to care for the interests of the teachers. >>meve hd and atlanta mayor react to mitt romney's educated mess. scott walker and paul ryan come out against union busting. eugene robinson and bill roden r. whyhe nfl gets whatt paid and on national voter registration day, ten million latino voters are in danger of being disenfranchised. we'll bring you the shocking details of a new report that could swing the election to mitt romney. >> good to have you with us. thanks for wching. americans are up in arms after a blown call in a football game. it's amazing what gets the country's attention. the nfl is in a labor mess because millionaires are trying to save a litt money by busting the feree's union. in a few moments.
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but today we learned what kind of labor issue we will have on our hands if mitt romney is president. it will affect the future education in this country. mitt romney participated in nbs education nation summit to the candidate had so few specifics about future plans for education he sounded more like a low-information voter than a candidate for president. >> education is about teachers, great leadership and parents. thios fft objective. i understand. it's fine for them to promote it it's not fine for us to go along with it. >> romney went back to thi point many times in the rv teachers unions are to blame for the educational system. president obama entered a counterpoint. >> i think governor romney and a number of folks try to politicize the issue and do a
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lot of teacher bashing. when i meeteachers across the country, they are so devoted and dete t k >> devoted, devotion, loving their profession. that's what teachers are about, but romney didn't say anything like tha they are the problem. many of romney's answers were superficia one of his big solutions for ucn rerma on that we have been talking about for 70 years p parental involvement. >> i'd love to see parents very much evolved in evaluating the success of schools. if parent rs show up at parent/teacher nht, kids are going to do fine. >> when a parent spped up with a question, romney wn't too volvement.t' >> new york city the parents here support the union to protect our kids three to one over the mayor and the chancellor. this is not me. is is coming from a poll of parents. >>onel ir minute. i know something about polls, and i know you can ask questions
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to get any answer you want. and i do know this. that having looked at schools, i know the teachers union has a responbility to care for the teres he tch >> so much for parents being involved. mitt romney said he didn't believe the man for a second. folks, the poll does exist. it was cited numerous times ro cigen numbers are in their favor. he says polls can ask any question to get any answer you want. we got curious. what the heck kind of questions did they ask othis poll. who do yourust more to protect the interest of school stunts? mayoblooerg theeachers union? pretty straight forward. here are the results. 31% said the mayor. 56% said the teachers union. when the question was asked only
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toeoin t citwho have kin pu slsthe gap was wider. 22% said mayor bloomberg. 69% said the union. more than three to one. this underscores how offase mitt romney is when it comes to the perception of teachers union amica. ry is so confused on this issue he actually made the case for the teachers in chicago today in the interview. >> education is done at the state level. the federal government provides funding for ecial needs stts fowom students. >> it's just that easy, right? one of the main reasons the teachers went on strike for the first time in 25 years was because of resources and t lack of sources in the classroom. it different throughout the city. they can't afford to cut to federal and state funding.
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they can't afford those cuts. that's exactly what would happen if a mitt romney became presidenof the united stes. the romn/ryaplan, here's the lifo cut pell grants for more than nine million students, eliminate head start programs for two million children, and cut $5 billion in title one funding for low-income and special needs students. go plan? republicans want to cut nding for public education because, seheveifnt plan. it's called for-profit education. charter schools are a huge profit center and they are very attractive to vulture pitalist like mitt romney. >> the great thing about chart schools is if they fail,ou clth you invoke their charter. i believe that difference is one of the reasons charter schools has been able to improve the quality of education of those studts who beat their path to the door. >> really? improve? a study showed charter schools e e ikto
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underperform rather than overperform. but who cares when you can make a buck? we don't want to pay attention to stanford. speaking of money, this is the other reason ryan and romney, e i wautn'me first because that's really what the conservatives want the reason why romney and ryan want to slash public education, here it is. >> the teachers unions are able to continue tens of millions of dollars to the campaigns of politics and then those tis eednd across from them at the bargaining table supposedly to represent the interests of the kids. i think it's a mistake. we have to get the money out of teacrs unions. >>o that's what it's all ab it's about the democratic political base because, heck, a worker might have an opinion in the workplace that might want to
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contribute in the democracy th this country offers, some people, not everybody. mittomney ist s erwisi he's just like every union-busting governor in america. they think everything can be solved by one thinand that's privatization. charter schools will come in and t it done. they don't care wh happens to wos d the workers are the ones who are getting the shaft. but wait a minute. what about the kids? romney -- it's not just romney, seriously. but romney is very flawed on this issue thisountry needs to me t s th yan't go into poor neighborhoods and raise property taxes and expect that all the education problems are going to be fixed in america. we have to federally fund public education, no child left behind, the money never showed up to the districts around the country. it aheemocts don't have fund
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the political power to make sure that it gets done. so that's why we have failing schools in this country. for the first time in 25 years, the teachers in chicago went on strike. they didn't go ostri becse tht ty we gting screwed when it came to a paycheck. they went on strike because they wanted to make sure that every classroom was properly resourced and every kid had a fighting chance to make it in america. mitt romney, if you want to draw the line here, really made the caseorhe 47% in edatio daonounk he's willing to admit that some kids are just going to fail and we'll just blame it on the damn unions and the teachers that want to make more money. how repulsive it is. get your cell phones out. tonight's question. who do you tru to protect studts' ster? text a for president obama and b for mitt romney to 622639. you can go to our blog. we'll bring you results later on in the the show.
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two gentlemen tonight, former governor howard dean andlso carneeidmayo atlanta, georgia. governor dean, you first. what is the republican view of public education? if i'm wrong in my assessment, correct me. >> i like charter schools but nofor-profit crterchools. thaveaso opportunities in the classroom. but i think this business about bashing teachers unions is insane. the people who say that they are innovators of education go in and trash the teachers, i don't know of anybody who s run a company successfully tha trs worce t thing they do when they get there. i don't think the republicans give a damn about much except themselves. i'd like to know if mitt romney ever attended a public school. >> mayor, would cuts i education spendingffect your ci and i raise the question this way.
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you have some poor neighborhoods, every major metropolitan city in ts country has some poor ighbhood how should we fuhochdirict >> we need to send resources where schools are having challenges and the federal government is playing a part under prident obama. but let's be clear on why mitt romneys tang t posio he's taking. because he wants to provide his friends a $5 trillion tax cut and he knows that he can pay for that without cutting public education. that's the bottom line. he wants to keep all of george bush's t cuts for eryone and th he s to add a5 tron c as e central plank of his policy. and in order to do that, he won't hesitate to disparage hard-workingeachers, because after all, they are a part of the 47% that he beeves jeopardize the performance of the countr
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th's w mitro is willing to cut education. >> governor, didn't mitt romney admit today it's about going after a voting bloc? >> that was a disgrace what he said there. he's been financed by the coke brothers whorite fat checks from their booty they take in fr allver e place. i dnininspve to the millions of teachers all over america, at least they are real americans, opposed to these two americans using their money to influence the election system. that wasaybe the worst thing he said. he said a lot of a things, buat really pretty rank. >> mayor, what would you do if your state were to cut education again? how would you fund it? what would you do? where do mayors in big cities go now? >> fortunately, every time we aefdulato education, our folks decide to invest. we would find a way to move
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forward. but that's not a healthy system in america. folks are criticizing teachers nsd ea t90 of all our kids are in public schools. i was a public school kid. they are the only system in our public school where teachers say, bring us all of your children. we can't fget that. and th's mro i losing. that's why he's losing nationally, and that's why he's losing in every swing state with the exception of perhaps north carolina. because he doesn't identify with what middle-ass people need and that's the ability to have an excelle schl in tir nehbodh mpt, capable teacher with experience that the community knows and trusts. >> mayor and governor, great to have you with us. answer tonight's questions. share your thoughts on twitter and facebook. coming up, replicans don't mind inexperienced low-cost teachers teaching your ks, but wht s fler
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they demand the union officials to get back to work. we'll have the latest on this unbelievable sports story that's ptured the attenon of the country and focused on how we treat workers in america. stay with us. ♪ spad a little love toy ♪ ♪ spread a little love my way ♪ ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ [ female announcer ] fresh milk and real cream makes philadelphia and the moment a little richer.
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coming up, scott walker shsut a n r a n call cost the green bay packers a win. scott brown continues to attack his challenger over her heritage. even as he apologized for th racist chants on tape. and after tea partiers ousted senator dick lugar in the primaries, indiana republicans are struggling to keep his senate seat. i'll talk with the challger ren dolyer in the program. share your thoughts on facebook and twitter. we're coming right back.
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welcome back to "the ed show." thanks for watching tonight. it's the blown football callhe entire country is talking about. >> takes the long receiver to e le, thckplt the goal line. wilson scrambles to keep it alive. the game's final play is a loft to the end zone, which is fought for by taet with jennings simulteous. who will they give it to uchdn! >>ar mke the final play on the game should have been ruled by an interception. the nfl released a statement today standing by the ruling o the field. nfl players are more than outrag over this bad call. pas tek n rodgers told his radio audience today the game is being tarnished by an nfl that obviously cares more about saving some money than having the tegrity of the game diminished a little bit. this story has blown up so much politicians are getting in the acand taking jabs.
11:20 pm
ad ce poonn oragehe's organized labor. how about that? >> did you guys watch that paccer game last night? i mean, give me a break. it is time to get the real refs. and you know what? it reminds me of president oma and the economy. if you can't get it right, it's time to get out. >> mitt romney also touched on the issue earlier today. >> i sure woullikeo seme exend rerees come back to the nfl playing fields. >> paul ryan called those refs out today. are you glad he did that? >> that's justine. paul was angry that the packs, belves they won and the refs tooit ay fr the >> push this button and i'll laugh. he has no clue. ryan isn't the only angry
11:21 pm
wisconsin politician. union-busting governor scott walker tweeted out after catching a few hou of sleep, the packer game is still painful. return the real refs. walker and ryan all of a sudden, aren't they r busting unions until it affects the outcome of their football team? this is unbelievable their reversal on this. l othesthtwd y. aisle hope the refs lock out is settled soon. i have to be fair about this. it would have been nice to see that tweet about the chicago public school teachers. the story is about more than ju b c it's about labor. this is an issue that strikes at the very core of what we do with workers in this country. the broad republican philosophy is to do what? eliminate the unions to get cheap workers, go right to the iswhhe iin right now.
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they are getting what they paid for. even after last night's blown call, the nfl is holding firm against the refs. the main sticking point is job security. nfl owners want to be able to fire these refs whenever they want to. thsamengplg where? with the chicago public school teachers. if you're not good, we're going to get rid of you. we don't need football. in the scheme of things, as far as other workers are concerned who are far more imptant, it's pret important when comes to educating your kid. abthac tyo trust your children to every day? do you want replacement workers there? or how about the firefighters you trust in emergencies? first responders, do you want a replacement team showing up that doesn't know what the hell is going on i k nfners love this. this is their power trip and they won't be backing down any time soon. they it probably made a calculat decision early on in the process that we're going to
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take some at, but we're going to make a lot of money. roit. stick together andive that's why you're not seeing a lot of people who do nfl games speak up and give their opinion. the nfl has got a pretty good hold on them. th's if they want to be around the league anymore. they are that strong. let's turn to william roden and eune rinson, msnbc political ant. gentlemen, great to have you with us tonight. eugene, you first. the nfl has an image problem on its hands and even politicia are ighi in on this. me avifoe passed away. he always believed the nfl is part of our culture in america. i guess we're finding thatut. what do you make of the reaction? >> the reactn is incredible. maybe this is a teachablmoment abouunio andut experience on the job and about getting what you pay for.
11:24 pm
but you know, last night was a travesty. they blew that last call twice. there was an offensive interference that th didn't make. but 's gng tget e an this. with these inexperienced refs on the field who cannot control the game, the violence is just going increase. i saw head to head hits that didn't get called and that's just going to increase. it's going to geout han and people are going to get hurt. >> bill, let me ask you about this story. is this an image problem for the league in the way they are handling it right now? >> in a way, but you hit the nail head so many times about unions. country addicted to professional football. they were emboldened last night. they are saying, we have these people right where they want. are we going to watch the wnba playoffs?
11:25 pm
we're going toe watching su. we're going to come back. this is going to blow over because we have no choice. but i think you hit something. i think we have to be focused on this. we're in a battle. so as a matter oprinciple, i don't like people who are scabs. i n't re wt prsi it is. i don't like people who will take advantage of someone being locked out to take their place. that's wrong. and you have these billionaire owners and you're absolutely right. you're talking abouthis ti you have these billionaire owners who locked out the players. why? because the american people are addictedo this sport. they are addicted to betting and they wilcome back. heoc id just amazing. scott walker and paul ryan it's shocking, they are willing to go
11:26 pm
along with union referees. >> it's amazing. it's absolutely amazing, e the kind of change of color we have seen from the republicans on this. but you know, it's going to have to be the owners that decide to do the right thing. you can't have a lot of faith they are going to because they caaly th money. their big money comes from television. >> they care about two things and that's asses in seats and eyes on the television screen. and the question is do you think this is going to affect how pele view the nfl saying i'm in stake a breakrom is uff. >> the ratings are higher than they have ever been. this mes more people want to be watching. >> so they are going to tune in to see if e reves argoing to screw up this week? >> is like a tremeous
11:27 pm
reality show. they are going to come back in bigger numbers thursday and saturday. the nfl say we can lock these guys up all year. >> i admire aaron rodgers and some of the other players for speaking their mind on this. an injustice was don there's prably goingo co a igotope every team. it's a cheaper product. i think we're talking about billionaires who don't want to do a little bit of pinching for some referees that want a little job security after they have contributed so much to the league in building it over the ars,y rvtt and they are getting shafted and the fans are getting shafted. great to have you gentlemen with us tonight. coming up, a republican crown crosses the line. aiatate candidate pin h hes see how the strategy is backfiring next. and president obama holds a strong lead over mitt romney with latino voters but a new study finds that voter
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how are you, um, how are you doing? i'm going to keep looking ov here. probably a good idea. ken: what's a good idea? nothing. with coverage checker, it's easy to find ur perfect policy. visit progssive.m today. welcome back to "the ed show." the republicans have picked a weird strategy to win the most expensive senate race in the countr republican scott walker is ub don c t challenger elizabeth warren lied about being native american. things got ugly this weekend when brown's campaign staff started taunting with racist chants >> a boston television stati
11:32 pm
sa four of the people are meerscbrs ai staff. one reportedly works in brown's united states senate office. what are the grounds for firing in his office any way? brown says the chanting is certainly something i don't condone, but he don't stop allpes the attack, which inspired his staffers in the first place. he says the real offense is that warren said she was white and then checked the box saying that she was native american. r diorce mhanged herrofile i her tenure. so brown doesn't want to talk about massachusetts' economy, education or health care. he's fixated on elizabeth warren's racial heritage. in fact, he's launching this new attack ad. and race is the first thing talked about the in bate. >> warren claimed she was a
11:33 pm
native american, a person of color, and as you can see, she's not. i don't know, and neither do the viewers know, whether in fact ec oe t ahead as a result of the >> senator brown is either tied or trailing in the latest polls, but he seems convinced this race issuwill get him reelected. joining me is joan walsh, author of the boo"what's the matter with white people?" great to have you with us tonight. i'stund en b's office and their reaction to those chants. your thoughts on this. >> it's just another outbrk of frat boy conservatism. to go and mock someo's racl hegee th andhink that's okay. when i heard about the story, i thought, you know, they are some volunteers or overzealous republicans. to find out that four of them are on his staff, it's outrageous.
11:34 pm
i wang de and when he brought up this claim and he said, clearly she's not cherokee, look at her, i was like, what planet does this man live on where as a white man he gets to say what her racial heritage and classification is? it's so ignorant. e title of my book "what's the ma wwhpe?" i love white people, but what's the matter with certain white people scott brown demonstrate it is. he's obviously from a white world where you n't understand that people have varying kinds of ethnity and they may not ok t wouecem lo anday photo be what they look like. you don't go around putting yourself in charge odeciding what they are. >> for a sitting united states senator, or anybody for that matter, to not distance themselvesrom this, i find utterly amazing. es hthinthiss anps that this is going to help him in the election? >> he clearly does. when i saw the debate i tweeted that it reminded me of jesse hems's white hands ad.
11:35 pm
he's really trying to channel white male anxiety and eve resentment about minorities and wogeg d us affirmative action. you remember that ad. it showed white male hands crumpling a rejection letter and you deserved that job and you didn't get it because opponents supported affirmative action. 'switais is massachusetts ad. i don't think it will work. i think it will backfire. but he's obviouslyeally desperate. >> warren is appalled by the video but wouldn't go any further than that. the other thing is it's clear t up b ar,or brown is trying to character flaw, that she lied about her heritage on her application and when she got her tenure that she changed that in the law directory. suspect that a little deep for rs tcomphendere? t is.
11:36 pm
this was an issue, "the boston globe" and harold did a lot of reporting about it in the spring. >> so he's scrambling? this is a guy in trouble. >> it hasn't registered so far. she's got allyffecve where she says, scott brown wants to attack my family but i'm going to keep fighting for your family. that's what he's doing. her brothers a sisters came out and said we were told the story of discrimination within our own family with those cherokee roots. so the idea that she's lying about what she is is really quite outrageous and a sign of inkcod ha . retrieved himself if he fired some of those people on the video and made a clear statement. if it's about a candidate lying
11:37 pm
or if it's about heritage, but now he gonalonwithhe moing. >> i find it amazing. joan walsh, thank you. stay with us. >> if you don't deport them, how do you send them home? >> the answer is self-deportation. people decide they could do better bgoing home because they can't find work because d hle documentation. >> republicans are attempting to disenfranchise up to ten million latino voters in the fall. you'll never believe how they are trying to do it. that's next. haquite a guy. >> and mitt romney shows how jealous he is of his running mate in ohio. you won't believe this priceless video. stick around. >> every now and then i'm known to make a mistake. i nokeis w this guy. there are a lot of warning lights
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this is a big story. it's about voter suppression. welcome back to "the ed show." today was national voter registration day. a ntudyit fdsse efforts are needed now more than ever. particularly for latino citizens in america. the study released by the advancement project finds voter suppression laws could disenfranchise ten million e influence of latino voters have grown over the past ten years. the 21 million citizens represent 10% of eligible voters and it's projected this year the number could top5 million voters or just over 12% of the onlie rs basically, the latino vote could play a decisive and major role in this presidential election. in a recent poll of voters finds
11:42 pm
president obama leading mitt romney 69% to 24%. t th votg por be unat wthood of new republican-led state level voting restriction. the study finds voter purges being enacted in 23 states could affect voter registration and rticipation by latino ti. in fact, in many states the number exceeds the margin of victory, exceeds the margin of victory in the last election 2008. that number could grow. it could grow if these laws aren blocked. colorado and fda, e tw states to watch, they are cited as identifying voters for possible purging by comparing their voter registrations with driver's licenseata bases. here's how it works. naturalized citizens receive gamitslicees wthere before they became naturalized
11:43 pm
citizens, which means this use of outdated information specifically targets naturalized citizens. these laws are an assault on voting rights and they are turning elible voters into second class citizens. let's bring in marie e ya theresa kumar, the president of voto latino. this is a big deal. 's gpl >> it's a huge deal. we're talking about americans who happen to be latino that will be disenfranchised from the process. when you're talking about elections when only won by less than 1 or 2%, in north carolina president obama won the presidcy wh fi vot per prct. this is a close election. we're talking about a rise in the voter in florida, texas, pennsylvania, who is having ese ouageous laws where one in six latinos will be
11:44 pm
disenfranchid. americans shou be outraged. owy yogi between now and the next 40 days? that's really what it comes down to. >> absolutely. todais national voter registration day. it's historic. wead 50 secretary of sta, both republican and democrats coming together saying we need this action today. we have been able to register close to 100,000 individuals just today alone. we see a ground swell, but it's not engh. wed toakreri ta to ch other about voter i.d. laws, prepare to go to the polls and make sure people realize at the ballot box it's about the american voter. >> i'm going to go to florida and do this story. florida s set near impossible deadlinetove cizenip. how does president obama win? how do the democrats get their vote out when they have these
11:45 pm
road blocks in front of them? the general election is right around the corner. it's around the corner, but folks have to get informed of what kind of i.d. they need. vee esob i florida is they have done voter purges that have been stopped. they went after voters with surnames saying theyeren't sure if they were citizens or not. mmatto to make sure wre communities, understanding what the voter i.d. laws are and how to make sure we're getting those i.d.s. >> the numbers add up that this it could be the election. fair enough? >> this is a game plan. the biggest problem is you can't change the rules in the middle of the game because you're u t l vothoutcome. you should be trying to sway them and make sure they are participating. >> what do you make of what's going on in pennsylvania? pennlvania voter i.d. could prevent one out of six latinos from voting. >> that's close to 250,000
11:46 pm
erics dinfhiat polls. what's beautiful about it is you see organizations coming together and trying to get the i.d.s in the same process. the problem is that because of these onerous i.d. laws, the state can't create the i.d.s fast enough for the lks that ed i this is an american issue. the fact you want to prevent an american from voting, we should be talking about it every day. >> great to have you with us tonight. keep up the great work. coming up, mitt romney tries to lead a chant, but the crowd has other ideas. stay with us. my doctor told me calcium is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releacaium us d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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coming up, not only does mitt romney have to bus in his own crowd for events, now he has to lead the cheers. you don't ntmihis o. it's pretty entertaining. and in the big finish, there's a brand new senate seat in play for the democrats. indiana congressman joseph donly is polling ahead of the tea party opponent and this is richard lugas seat who was primary. don't rgeto lien tmy rashn ne7 nday
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you don't see this very often. crowd reaction that we can play r for entertainment. presidential candidate mitt romney and his running mate ul ryeained ral todn the state of ohio. they are doing this three-day bus tour because they think they can win the state. when romney got the crowd excited about ryan, here's what happened. >> paul ryan, he's something. wa sd,omne ryan, romney, ryan, that's great. thank you. >> sums it up. the crowd goes wild for ryan even beginning a cnt so romney
11:51 pm
has to get ahold of this thing, get back ithe ur caseat mti >> that's quite a guy, isn't it? paul ryan, isn't that something? wait a second, romney, rn, romney, ryan. there we go. d ft, otop of the ticket, it's me, mitt. guy's got an ego bigger than asia. tonight in our svey, who do you trust to protect student's best interests? 98% of you said president obama. 2% said mitt romney. >>chd muh t defeated in his senate race. stay tuned. ♪
11:52 pm
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11:55 pm
can i have some? ♪ anothebig indication of why repuicans should b the indiana senate race is in play for a seat held by senator richard lugar since 1977. the democratic candidate is joe donly. he leads by three points in the inteal poll conducted by glob stregou now mower dock defeated richard lugar in a primary and made clear he had no interest in negotiating with democrats or anybody. >> to me the highlight of f oca tn inflict my opinion over to my point of view. >> i have a mind-set that it ought of consist of democrats coming tthe republican point of view.
11:56 pm
>> they are gog after him on style ansubse. >>haouk ts sending jobs to china. we need more common sense. >> president obama won indiana by just one point four years ago, but is not expected to win the state this time around. the strategy is to tie donnelly to obama. >> hoosiers have a choice. continue down the path of donnelly a obama. >>oining me tonight is joe diana who is challenging the tea party candidate. good to have you with us tonight. you're going up against the candidate who really underscores what washington has be for the last couple years. es tt pl iuror >> yeah, he has been incredibly reckless, ed. one statement after another.
11:57 pm
hoosiers are not buying his extreme agenda. if you want to see the extremes to where he's gone, this is ter the primary,e said lugar ayonat. lugar is an indiana hero. he worked nonstop to make the world safer by reducing nuclear weapons. we have seen just e comments that you said about bipartisanship. cotualatias said micare is security is unconstitutional. he has said that employer health cares don't have to cover health care covers. it's been one after another. we have seen in the last few weeks richard has disappeared. and they are hoping to through the super pacs buy the senate seat. o mieiie president obama in a campaign ad he's putting out? or do you wear that as a badge of honor? >> i have been one of the most independent members of congress
11:58 pm
my entire time there. an ie ways said i respect president bush, i respect president obama and when president obama is right, i'll vote with him and when he's not, i won't. i vote on behalf of the people. think it's fr to say that in puanhe most important thing we can do is stand up and do what's right for our country. >> why are republicans not coming to bat for richard? this is -- i don't see the fever pitch attitude for him i have bseined ther races. republican. to me an american hero, richard lugar, before the primary and after the primary. hoosier republicans, hoosier democrats, they don't believe that medicare is unconstitutional like mourdock d t evatlo health care shouldn't cover cancer care. >> what about the outside money?
11:59 pm
is that a player? >> it is breathtaking. carl rove just dropped1 millioin the past few days for one weekf visi. an inathat like buying every commercial for the entire week. >> how does the automobile loan, does that play in your state? >> yeah, particularly for the fact that richard mourdock was the person to file suit for the liquidation of chrysler. he spent $3 million on new york law firm fees while at the same time that's indiana taxpayer money trying to destroy indiana auto jobs. and let me tell you from one end of the state to the other, workers across the state have id enough. we're proud toork in these jo and they know that it's not about republican or democrat. it's who stood with them at crunch time. and i was with them. >> joe donnelly, good to have you with us on "the ed show." that's the "the ed show." i'm ed shultz.